• Who is WAFER for?

    1. Whether you are a security specialist, tech enthusiast, or website owner, WAFER enables you to evaluate the security performance of your Web Application Firewall of choice.

    2. Simply installing a WAF does not ensure the complete protection of your website from cyberattacks. Because all WAFs are not created equal, it’s up to you to determine which WAF offers the best detection capabilities and accuracy.

    3. Test your current WAF’s ability through WAFER. Our WAF tester evaluates both true positives and false negatives — critical security performance indicators for any WAF.

  • How does WAFER work?

    1. WAFER works differently from, website pentesting tools, vulnerability scanners, and other exploit tools because it evaluates a WAF’s security performance by sending test traffic to your site.

    2. WAFER’s test patterns consist of OWASP, Exploit DB patterns, and attack patterns curated by the Cloudbric Labs research team. Upon WAF test completion, you will receive a free downloadable WAF report.

    3. In this summary report, a letter grade from A to D is assigned (A denoting the high accuracy) to both the WAF’s detection and distinguishing abilities. You will also find a detailed analysis of the vulnerabilities found on your site along with true positive and false positives rates.

  • Want to test a WAF but don't own a website?

    1. Because WordPress is arguably the most popular website builder out there, we’ve tested our WAF against some of the most popular WordPress website security plugins.

    2. So if you don’t own a domain right now, check out how Cloudbric’s WAF (SWAP) stacks up. Can WordPress security plugins provide adequate website protection?