Secure your crypto transfer experience with Cloudbric’s Cryptobric app!

  • With the rise of hacking incidents for cryptocurrency, Cryptobric is designed to alleviate those concerns and allow for a safer method of transferring assets.
  • Cryptobric scans a user’s mobile device to ensure your crypto exchange platform’s app is working safely and free from malicious hijacking or hacking attempts.
  • In addition, for every scan a user completes, 50CLB will be rewarded!
  • Currently, the app is designed to scan the more widely used exchange platform apps. However, should there be an app not designated, users can submit a request to have their preferred app to be available to scan as well.
  • Download Cryptobric and secure your crypto transfer experience today!

Cryptobric can only be downloaded on Cloudbric’s Labs page.

To proceed with using Cryptobric, please remember to press 'ALLOW' when prompted by your OS.