The CLBK Reward System

Anyone can earn Cloudbric CLBK tokens by signing up and contributing to Threat DB.

Report suspicious hacker wallet addresses, phishing URLs, and Malicious IPs.

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    Enterprise & Users
  • 7,000,000+
    Montly Data Collected
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    Service Instances


Answers questions on Threat DB, WAFER, Threat Index, and the CLBK Reward System.

  • What is WAFER and Threat Index?

    WAFER is a tool that evaluates WAF security performance on a website, so that the website owner can select the best security service to use. Threat Index targets security experts by showing the latest global web attack trends and provides vulnerability reports. Read below for Threat DB.

  • What is Threat DB and CLBK Reward System?

    Threat DB is a user-centered database of threat information like hacker wallet addresses, phishing URLs, and Malicious IPs. Anyone upon signing up can report threat data. All contributions will be rewarded with CLBK tokens through the the CLBK Reward System. Threat data is also collected from Cloudbric WAF users, who are also rewarded with tokens. Not only can users view report threat data, they can also utilize it in the form of APIs.

  • How does the CLBK Reward System work?

    All submitted threat data will be published on Threat DB first without Cloudbric’s threat level score. Cloudbric’s security analysts will first internally verify submitted data and evidence and then determine its threat level. Once verified, CLBK will be accordingly allocated to the user. Users can view their submission and reward status from their dashboard after logging in. Withdrawal function will be made available upon the release of the Cloudbric wallet service.

  • What determines the amount of CLBK reward received? Does it depend on the threat level?

    Cloudbric’s team of security analysts will assign a threat level score to each threat data submission based on its potential impact and reach. The CLBK reward amount is not synonymous with the threat level score assigned. Instead, each submission will be rewarded CLBK tokens based on the quality, quantity, relevance, and threat level of data and evidence submitted.

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