• What is WAFER?

    1. WAFER is a tool for evaluating the performance of WAFs (Web Application Firewalls).

    2. WAFER evaluates not only true positive attacks that are detected and blocked, but also the ability of not blocking normal traffic (false negative).

    3. WAFER’s test patterns consist of OWASP, Exploit DB patterns, and attack patterns curated by the Cloudbric Labs research team.

  • Why should I evaluate my WAF?

    1. Installing a WAF doesn’t ensure complete safety of your website. Test your current WAF’s ability through WAFER.

    2. Web attacks are dynamically changing day by day, and a WAF that may have been sufficient in securing your website yesterday may not be enough to protect your website today. Check your WAF periodically in order to keep your website safe.

  • Would you like to test a WAF, but don't own a website?

    1. Cloudbric Labs provides a WAF service evaluation report, for those who do not own their own website.

    2. Check the results of Cloudbric and Wordpress Security plugins’ performance evaluation and choose the best security solution for you!