Web Vulnerability Report

Vulnerability Index
ID EDB-ID-50478
CVSS 3.0 5.3
Cloudbric Score
Cloudbric Detection Yes
Vulnerability Type Sensitive File Disclosure
Published Date 2021-11-03
Updated Date 2022-01-21
Vendor 11.0.5
Description For Eclipse Jetty versions 9.4.37-9.4.42, 10.0.1-10.0.5 & 11.0.1-11.0.5, URIs can be crafted using some encoded characters to access the content of the WEB-INF directory and/or bypass some security constraints. This is a variation of the vulnerability reported in CVE-2021-28164/GHSA-v7ff-8wcx-gmc5.
URL Link
Threat Index Table
ID Description Vulnerability Type
Cloudbric Score
Updated Date Detection

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